Energy Innovations in Glass

Brite Solar is a nanomaterials company developing and marketing solar glass products with variable transparencies for applications in agriculture. Brite’s solar glass applies to greenhouses and open field agri-cultivations and yields energy autonomous operation, water saving, and thus sustainable agriculture.

About Brite Solar

Brite develops unique technologies.

Our society is urgently in need of technologies for increased production of green energy and improved energy efficiency. Brite Solar is dedicated to the deployment of advanced nanotechnology in the service of these goals. We aim to facilitate the multifunctional use of agricultural land for added solar energy generation, as well as create new types of architectural glass that can reduce the energy footprint of buildings.


Our Products

Solar Glass

A Crucial Technology for Sustainable Agriculture

The growth of the world’s population, which necessitates increasing food production, the impacts of climate change on agricultural productivity, and the raising competition for land use in light of the expansion of renewable energy generation make the management of the Food/Water/Energy nexus ever more challenging. The Agrivoltaics concept allows the simultaneous use of land for two purposes: food production under more favourable conditions and renewable energy production.

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Electrochromic – Dynamic Glass

Cost Effective Lighting Control

In a warming world, heat is placing a steadily growing burden on urban populations. Energy use for cooling buildings is already a significant component of our overall energy consumption and is only poised to grow in the coming decades.

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An indicative selection of some projects using Brite’s products can be seen here.

Greenhouse vineyard
Agios Pavlos, Greece
Tomato greenhouse
Ptolemaida, Greece
Ornamental plants greenhouse
Naaldwijk, the Netherlands

01/ Greenhouse vineyard

Agios Pavlos, Greece

02/ Tomato greenhouse

Ptolemaida, Greece

03/ Ornamental plants greenhouse

Naaldwijk, the Netherlands