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Brite Solar is a nanomaterials company utilizing innovative materials and deposition techniques to deliver a new class of glass materials for building construction.

These materials either save energy in the case of Dynamic and Smart Glass, or generate energy in the case of Solar Glass.

Who we are

We develop 3rd generation technology for solar panels based on new composite organic / inorganic lightweight nanostructured cells.

Our core business is the development of an innovative, process technology and production of transparent Solar Panels, called “PanePower (Solar Windows)”, at very competitive cost for usage as power producing glass for greenhouses, homes and office buildings.

Why our technology

Glass has been an important material in Architecture since the first glass windows were used in Roman Egypt in 100 AD.
As technology has developed, glass has now become the predominant facade material throughout the world. Unfortunately, the very transparency that makes glass attractive for buildings creates undesirable effects in terms of thermal and optical insulation.
Brite Solar is dedicated to the deployment of advanced nanotechnology materials to create new types of architectural glass that can reduce the energy footprint for buildings by reducing energy for heating, cooling and lighting and at the same time produce electrical energy from light.

Innovations in Glass

Towards a sustainable Future




9 +
Billion people by 2050
85 +
% Global food demand increase


Our Products

Solar Glass - A crucial technology for Sustainable Agriculture

Solar Glass

A Crucial Technology for Sustainable Agriculture

Electrochromic – Dynamic Glass Cost Effective Lighting Control

Electrochromic – Dynamic Glass

Cost Effective Lighting Control

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Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021 in the frame of the Programme “Business Innovation Greece”.