About us

Brite Solar was founded in 2009 to develop a new type of PV Solar Panel to meet the requirements of greenhouse applications.

Greenhouses need a high percentage of the ambient light to reach the plants on the inside and as a result, any cladding used must be highly transparent. In addition, the ideal cladding will not change the spectral characteristics of the light. The price of a greenhouse Solar Panel must also be low enough to generate a positive ROI by offsetting purchased electricity. Brite Solar’s Solar Glass product has optimized full spectrum transparency, power production and cost to meet the needs of the commercial greenhouse application.

Brite has also developed variations on the Solar Glass technology. The first is a low cost, thermally insulating Electrochromic Glass called Dynamic Glass.

Brite is ramping production and building pilot greenhouses utilizing the Solar Glass in Europe and in the USA.

Brite's vision

is to deploy advanced nano material engineering to create new types of glass products and have a positive impact on worldwide energy consumption to support a growing world population.

Our Mission

is to deliver transparent solar glass with 5% efficiency, >70% transparency and thermal insulation to the commercial greenhouse market at a price point allowing mass conversion and future deployment and also deliver energy saving glass to the architectural glass market to substantially reduce worldwide heating and cooling energy consumption in commercial and residential buildings.

What are we developing?

Brite develops unique nanomaterials and deposition techniques.

Brite has developed ink-jet printable formulations of active and inactive coatings. These coatings can be used in a variety of active glass products and result in lower manufacturing costs than traditional approaches.

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