Governance Principles

Good Governance

Brite operates in a transparent way across all its functions and keeps the staff updated on all developments both technical and financial.
We comply with all EU regulations on ethical conduct towards our employees and suppliers. All employees are shareholders in the company. Brite’s work environment does not discriminate in any way on matters of gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

The company promotes environmental protection through a policy of recycling materials and through our technology which supports the use of solar energy and energy conservation.
Moreover, our staff is active in voluntary work and activities with non-profit organizations.

Our technology itself demonstrates our corporate commitment to clean environment and sustainable food supply through the use of solar energy in greenhouse farming.
Additionally, the commercialization process of our technological solutions will comply with ISO standards guaranteeing stability and the operational life of the PV products, therefore, a 3rd party certification company will certify the required standards for the production of our solar glass.

Our experience and commitment to reduce negative impact on the environment and positively contribute to sustainable environmental, economic and societal development can be showcased by the awards Brite has received from a variety of organisations such as:

  • One of the best Business Cases of Eco-Innovation by the OECD
  • Best Business Cases of Eco-Innovation under the framework of the project-competition “Green Growth & Eco-Innovation”, OECD 2012 (one of three companies selected in Greece)
  • Sustainability Award (Holland): Ernst & Young 2015 – First Place
  • Business Angels Forum – Smart-Inno Project 2015 – Outstanding Team Award
  • Business Angels Forum – Smart-Inno Project 2015 – Clear Investment Opportunity Award
  • Business Angels Forum – Smart-Inno Project 2015 – Best Business Plan Presentation Award
  • Best Autonomous Greenhouse Manufacturer USA & Award for Excellence in Agricultural Carbon Footprint Reduction USA: Clean Energy Awards 2016
  • Step Change Pitching Competition of Glaston 2017 (Finland) – First Place
  • Make Innovation Work: American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce 2018 – First Place
  • NBG Business Seed: National Bank of Greece 2018 – Third Place
  • Finalist Nominated for the GreenTech Award 2020 / Category Nominee 2020: Concept
  • Certificate of Honour iena 2021 / International Trade Fair “Ideas-Inventions-New Products” Nuremberg. Brite was awarded with Silver Medal for outstanding performances in the field invention / new product: Electrochromic Glass Pane.

Sustainable Development

Our Solar Glass will contribute to a more productive food supply system for the global food raising demand.
Currently, there is a tremendous pressure on the food production systems and processes because of the projected population increase (to 9.7 billion by 2050). UN’s estimations indicate that feeding this global population would require a 70% increase in food production. To support this projection, there will be a need for deployment of new technology in agriculture in order to be able to support food production yields with decreased energy demands. Solar glass technology is aimed at meeting these requirements as it has shown the potential to compensate for up to 25% of the energy consumption in greenhouses; thus, clearly showing its great potential to help meet the rising global demand for food.

Our Solar Glass will also address current environmental issues derived from greenhouse farming.
Greenhouse farming increases crop yield, reduces water usage and protects losses against most environmental conditions. However, greenhouse farming also implies both higher energy costs and gas emission. Indeed, agriculture production accounts for 14% of global energy demand and for 13.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Our Solar Glass will contribute to the reduction of energy-related CO2 and methane emissions, while also substituting the use of oil and gas to generate clean energy for heating/ cooling operations. Moreover, our innovative technology is completely aligned with the EU 2020 Energy Strategy and contributes to the energy savings in buildings to up to 30%, with current energy consumption of 40% globally, and up to 80%, in greenhouses with current total energy costs of up to 7.2% in some EU countries.

Gender Equality

Regarding gender equality, Brite promotes gender balance and ensures equal opportunities for women and men in the company.

The recruiting procedures are opened to everyone and are based on objective criteria, valuing experience and professional capabilities, and equal opportunities are offered for all new vacancies. As a matter of policy, we remunerate our employees equally for the same skill set and work schedule independently of gender. The company offers increased responsibility to women scientists and managers and equal opportunities for advancement.

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