🎙️Nick Kanopoulos, CEO of Brite Solar, participated as a speaker at #Agrivoltaics 2023🌱, presenting the innovation of Brite Solar regarding the nanomaterials it uses, as well as the deposition techniques for the new class of glass materials for the construction of buildings. ✨
📌The #AGRIVOLTAICS 2023 and the 13th International Conference & Exhibition on the Green Flexible Printed Electronics Industry (ICEFPE23), took place on 30 October and 01 November 2023 at the #DivaniCaravel hotel, in Athens.

In this presentation, a translucent photovoltaic glass technology optimized for agricultural applications, namely, greenhouses and agricultural photovoltaic systems, was described.
The glass transparency adapts to the geographical location of the facility and the crops grown under the canopy in order to achieve the optimal balance between crop performance and energy efficiency.
New nanostructured materials have been developed and applied to solar glass in order to increase its transparency and harness UV radiation by reducing UV radiation in the 600-650 nm region of the visible spectrum, where plants photosynthesize. This coating increases photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) for plants under the canopy and thus crop yield.
Brite’s nanostructured materials have been third-party tested and certified for functional and durable properties, as applications in agriculture require an extended shelf life for any product that can be developed. The development of Brite’s solar glass in real-world applications and field data for crop and energy yields was also presented and discussed.