Electrochromic – Dynamic Glass

Cost Effective Lighting Control

Glass creates a window to the outside world and as importantly allows solar illumination for the inside of the building.

The problem is that without some type of control the external light can increase the temperature in the building, specially during the summer months, creating additional burden on the building’s cooling systems.

Brite Solar’s Dynamic glass allows the transparency of the glass to be controlled. This is not only important from a glare control point of view, but also from a solar heat gain (Increase in temperature due to the infra-red rays entering into the room).

Brite Solar’s Dynamic glass can be set to fully transparent during the winter for maximum light and heat transmission and tinted during the summer to reduce light and heat gain. The glass can also be set to any level of tinting in between.

In addition, Brite Solar’s Dynamic glass has excellent thermal insulating capabilities, providing better insulation with a single pane of glass than traditional low e dual pane windows. This simplifies installation, reduces weight and significantly reduces the cost of implementing dynamic glass when compared to existing technologies.

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