Brite Dynamic Glass (Electrochromic Glass)


Brite is focused on mass production of a new type of Electrochromic Glass.

Based on the nanotechnology that has been developed to produce the Brite Solar Glass, including Ink-jet deposition of semiconductor materials (TiO2 and T03) and a solid state electrolyte, Brite’s Dynamic Glass (Electrochromic) can be produced at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.

The benefits of Electrochromic Glass in terms of modulating solar heat gain have been understood for many years. The reason why Electrochromic Glass is not widely deployed today is due to its excessive cost and complexity of installation.

By using low cost manufacturing process, Brite is able to deliver Electrochromic Glass at a price point which is close to an order of magnitude less than the current commercially available product.

Brite is also able to manufacture solar cells and electrochromic functions on the same piece of glass, eliminating the need for external power connections to the window and greatly simplifying installation.

Competitive advantages

Brite’s Electrochromic Glass is substantially less expensive than all other product currently on the market.

Its simple manufacturing process lends itself to various sizes and formats since the deposition process is patterned by the programming of the ink-jet printer.

Brite’s low switching voltages and currents enable the product to be controlled either by a small battery embedded in the window or by electricity produced by the embedded Brite Solar cells.

Brite’s Electrochromic glass is a sealed, laminated structure which greatly simplifies the complexity and cost of integrating it into Insulated Glass Units (IGUs).

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