Solar Glass

Ultra thin solar glasses

Agrivoltaics – A New Path to Sustainable Agriculture.

As the world’s population grows, significant increases in food production will be needed just to keep the population at the current nutritional level. Managing the Water/Energy/Food Nexus has become increasingly difficult especially with the additional pressure of land availability.

Agrivoltaics allows land to be used for two purposes: Food production and Energy Generation.

Greenhouse agriculture can produce 10x the yield while consuming 1/10th the water when compared to open field production. Brite’s Solar Glass allows the greenhouse to offset or eliminate the need for external electricity for greenhouse operations such as climate control and hydroponic systems.

Brite’s Solar Glass can also be used in open field agriculture to generate electricity while providing protection to the crops grown in the same area.

Different levels of transparency are available to optimize plant growth as well as electricity production.

Brite Solar Glass Datasheets

brite (2)

Brite Solar Glass – 115Wp – 77% Transparency

brite (1)

Brite Solar Glass – 250Wp – 49% Transparency

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