Solar Glass

Ultra thin solar glasses

A crucial technology for Sustainable Agriculture.

As the world’s population grows, significant increases in food production will be needed just to keep the population at the current nutritional level.

Greenhouse agriculture is an essential approach to this problem, as it can produce 10x the yield while consuming 1/10th the water when compared to open field production. The problem is that the energy requirements for modern greenhouse operations are 10x that of open field. The increased energy is used for heating/cooling as well as hydroponic systems.

Brite Solar’s innovative Solar Glass is used in place of traditional plastic or glass sheathing for areas of the greenhouse with large amounts of solar exposure.

The Brite solar glass uses a third generation photovoltaic technology to product electricity from the sun’s rays. The glass’s optical transparency is specifically tuned to maximize the transmission of the light in the wavelengths that are important for photosynthesis in plants(<600 nm).

The Brite Solar Glass also has excellent thermal insulation characteristics, reducing the energy required for heating and cooling.

BRITE SOLAR develops ultra thin solar glasses of 1.1 mm total thickness based on Dye sensitized solar cell technology and quasi-solid electrolytes for special applications.

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Ultra thin solar glasses
ultra thin solar glasses

Visual transparency comparison of DSSC panels using screen and ink-jet printing

Innovative inkjet technology

Brite’s innovative inkjet technology – right
compared to screen printing technology – left

Dye sensitized solar cell with high transparency

Dye sensitized solar cell with high transparency

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