Brite Solar Glass

Solar Glass Technology

Solar Glass Technology is based on the harvesting of photons for energy production while enabling sufficient transparency for light transmission.

No where is this more critical than in Greenhouse applications, where large amounts of visible light, especially PAR(Photosynthetically Active Radiation) are needed for healthy plant growth. Harvesting too many photons for Photovoltaic generation results in a PAR deficit in the greenhouse.

Brite Solar has developed products which optimize the PAR transmission and the Power produced by the solar glass, measured in Wp. These two characteristics oppose each other since increase the area of the glass that is active in PV and thereby the Power(Wp), reduces the amount of light transmission or PAR. Different applications can be served by products with different PAR and Wp values.
PAR Transmissivity Wp Application
BSG-240 45% 240 Crops requiring less light
BSG-65 80% 65 Crops requiring a lot of light

Additional innovations in the Solar Glass Panel design minimize shading and provide diffusion to the light entering the greenhouse, resulting in uniform illumination.

Utilizing State of the Art manufacturing capabilities. Brite Solar is able to deliver the Solar Glass product at pricing which is much more compelling than in the past.

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Brite Solar LSC

Competitive advantages

Maximization of PAR and Wp.

No spectrum alteration

Minimum Shading.

Identical Form Factor to existing Greenhouse Glass for retrofitting existing Greenhouses.

$/Wp lower than all alternatives including ground mounted arrays.

Dual Use Land.

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